Top 9 Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing


As per industry reports, it says that companies are losing close to $41 billion for poor customer services in the US alone. So, one can imagine the cost of poor customer service that is costing billions more across the globe. Moreover, TechCrunch reported that 82% of customers stopped doing business because of bad customer service. Hence, it is of utmost importance to get your customer services right to improve your business offerings and retain your customers.

Today, for enterprises across the globe outsourcing call center service is a key component used to attract and retain customers and has become an important strategic objective. Not only outsourcing call center / contact center services help companies to focus on their core competencies, but they also offer industry expertise and experience to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to improve bottom lines drastically.

Some of the top benefits of call center outsourcing are:

  1. Immediate office space with no extra costs

One of the top benefits of outsourcing call center services is that you get to add immediate office space with no extra costs. And it also a cost-effective option than having an in-house call center team which requires additional infrastructure, hiring, training, and investing in new technologies. By outsourcing, it will turn a significant cost into variable cost and you can use the services of skilled call center agents when you need them as per the business requirement.

  1. Get instant access to global talent

When did you ever find the right talent when you required. But, in case of outsourcing your call center services to an offshore location, you get instant access to global talent who are well-versed with best practices in providing call center services that adhere to global standards. It is better to opt for call center services that have knowledge of latest sales methods and usage of latest communication technologies.

  1. Access to Flexibility and Scalability

There are times when the customer service strategies change according to business requirements. By having an in-house call center will be detrimental to business as the infrastructure set up would not be as flexible and scalable as an outsourced call center service provider. With outsourced call center vendors, they have multiple clients and this helps them to reduce the impact of call volume peaks and valleys.

The agents and managers in these call center service providers are well tuned to manage the work more efficiently and help reduce costs-per-call for clients. Moreover, these offshore call centers provide the flexibility to scale up and down the team size when there is a marketing effort happening or any seasonal activity for that matter.

  1. Data collection and its expert analysis

Call center service providers do not just take calls but have teams set up to collect all important data to analyse them and streamline their services to ensure clients get the best of ROI. These outsourced call center vendors work with multiple clients which generates a lot of data with different marketing campaigns. By analysing lot of data that is spread across various clients offers useful insights and offers robust services with less cost.

  1. 24/7 best-in-class services throughout the year

Irrespective of whether your in-house team works throughout the year or not, but your outsourced call center service provider will work 24/7 best-in-class inbound / outbound call center services throughout the year. Your customers will be taken care of at any time and any day of the week and the same kind of round the clock support will be difficult to provide in-house. Whereas, an outsourced call center can provide services that ‘follows the sun’ that are both cost-effective and of high-quality.

  1. High-quality service at all times

Providing high-quality customer services throughout the year can be an arduous task for an in house team. It takes years of experience and knowledge of best practices by call center agents to provide high-qualit service at all times. With proper allocation effort and time towards training and development in these call centers, it gives those agents to resolve complex and challenging queries from customers. Moreover, if you have overflowing calls that needs to be outsourced will help in reducing call waiting time and improve FCRs astonishingly.

  1. Access to state-of-the-art multichannel communication technologies

By outsourcing call center services you get access to state-of-the-art multichannel communication technologies in cloud-based platforms, VoIP, SMS, email, live chat and social media monitoring as well. Whereas getting these technologies in-house can be very costly affair. But outsourcing vendors have multiple clients and can spread out these costs and can provide services that are of highest quality.

  1. Dedicated account managers and best of quality assurance

Outsourcing call center services will be able to provide dedicated account managers / project managers who will work on your project alone and will be your point of contact at all the time. Whether you expect weekly or monthly report, you will have dedicated personnel to look after the team and tweak the services offered as per business requirements.

Moreover, the quality assurance team monitors each and every call to check for quality and improve the services offered and which in turn improves reduced call time and less follow-up rates.

  1. Pricing flexibility

The best part of outsourcing call center services to vendors in offshore locations is the pricing flexibility they offer. The business model is usually based on cost per transaction and ensures a better return on investment and this is possible due to tools and expertise that are tied to measure call costs. Getting to that level of detail in in-house operation will be difficult and it makes that much more challenging to manage costs and measure success factors.

There are many such benefits / advantages of call center outsourcing services. Whether you are taking your products / services global or looking to ramp up your customer service efforts, it makes sense to outsource your inbound / outbound call center services to an experienced vendor who can offer unrivalled services at competitive price rates which in turn can improve customer satisfaction rates and improve bottom lines drastically in this ever-changing and challenging business landscape.

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