Top 7 Call Center Best Practices to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Top 7 Call Center Best Practices to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Call centers / contact centers are increasingly becoming an important asset for companies to improve operational performance to remain competitive globally. In fact, call centers are your first line of interaction with your customer and the conversation between your company and customer ensures how long the relationship lasts. There is a steady growth in a number of call center jobs filled globally, and according to Technavio’s report, the global contact center market will grow steadily during the next four years and post a CAGR of almost 11% by 2020.

Today, contact center outsourcing providers are increasingly adopting advanced IT solutions for their services such as speech analytics, robotics, and voice biometrics to provide innovative solutions for clients and in turn improve customer satisfaction rates. Irrespective of whether you operate an inbound / outbound call or a blended call center, your top priority should be providing greater customer satisfaction. And as a call center service provider you must employ best call center practices to ensure the service matches industry standards and will allow you attract the best of clients. Get to know what are those call center best practices that improve customer service and in turn attracts more clients.

Top 9 Call Center Best Practices to Improve Customer Services are:

  1. Make your KPIs Customer-centric and not business-centric

As a call center service provider your first job is to resolve any issues or queries from the customer. Many Call center / contact center service providers do the mistake of creating their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are business-centric rather than customer-centric. Rather than rewarding your agents for speed, reward them for a higher First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate and average hold time which are better indicators for customer satisfaction. Modifying your KPIs that are customer-centric is one such best practice that will help your business in the longer run.

  1. Communication consistency across all platforms

Gone are the days when call centers used to just receive calls and make calls. Today, it is all about providing holistic services across all forms of communication channels such as SMS, email, chat, and video call.  Customers have their say in which communication mode they want to get in touch with you, and maintaining consistency across all platforms by your agents is essential to deliver a rewarding experience.

Call centers / contact centers globally should clearly inculcate this best practice and help their agents to maintain communication consistency across all platforms.

  1. Provide real-time information for your agents

Providing real-time information about agent performance on regular basis is one form of creating effective communication. When call centers globally are only concerned about external communication, but efforts should be there towards creating better internal communications as constructive communication internally has greater impact on your bottom line.

Provide your agents real-time information on two fronts. One, in case, of product recalls or service outages, your agents should have alerts beforehand to handle challenging calls ahead. This helps the call center agents to prepare mentally to handle barrage of calls that are difficult to handle. Two, provide real-time information on agent performance for feedback and employee morale. This drastically improves agent performance and will boost morale and improves productivity big time.

  1. Improve customer retention by using IVR properly

With regards to using IVR services, either call centers use is wisely or try to be oversmart. Yes, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an amazing tool for contact centers globally to help customers reach a right agent, but few try to cut corners by using IVR to send customers to self-service channels. Though configuring your IVR to self-service channels reduce your budget in short-term, but will get you into trouble when customers don’t find what they were looking for, it seriously affects your customer retention / conversion rates.

Customer satisfaction levels are high when they speak to live agent than a pre-recorded voice. Through IVR you can route your customers to the right department / agent but not as your final source of customer engagement. Do not waste your chance to build long-lasting relationships with your customers through inappropriate usage of IVR.

  1. Using Call Whispers to cut down on miscommunication

Every call center service provider monitor calls to assess quality and relevancy of information passed to the customer. In line with live monitoring feature, many VOIP systems allow Call Whisper functionality.  There are instances when an agent provides wrong information or is unable to convince the customer about a new product, with call whisper functionality, the person tracking the call can whisper to the agent directly without the customer hearing. This certainly helps your agents to close a sale or resolve the issue which was difficult earlier and helps in reduced customer dropouts.

  1. Improve agent performance with consistent feedback

Today’s call center agents, who specially belong to the millenial group, consistently crave for acknowledgement and feedback in a timely manner. It is their desire to understand how they can improve their performance on a consistent basis that drives them to grow in their career. So, if you want your call center agents to improve, then providing them consistent feedback in real-time is what gets them going.

Gone are the days when feedback used to happen quarterly or yearly once, today, it has to be real-time to make the difference. Always have your agents on their toes by informing about their work standards and create a healthy competition among agents to improve their numbers and morale.

  1. Delegate more authority for your agents

Always remember, your call center agents are your foundation towards building quality customer service. As an efficient contact center, you want the agents to resolve customer queries at the earliest and if the call is sales-focused, then pushing them to close the deal with less handling time is a hallmark of a cost-efficient call center outsourcing service provider.

As a call center, your responsibility is to create an environment that allows them to listen to conversations than just responding to them in a quick manner without understanding the context of the call. Even allow them to initiate important conversations with the customer by allowing them to take decisions on their own. This drastically helps in reduced agent turnover and improves customer service levels.

Overall, there are many best practices that you can include in you day-to-day call center activities with regards to streamlining your processes and improving contact center agents’ performance over a period of time. The main objective of including these best practices is to ensure your customers are happy and feel valued.

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