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In today’s cut-throat competition, businesses globally are trying to be agile in a way services are offered to its customers. Being agile is to derive cost-effective solutions and yet remain competitive while not compromising on the quality of services offered. Telemarketing has established itself as one of the major services that have been outsourced to create an additional marketing channel for businesses worldwide.

Having a global presence for your products/services is not an easy task and it certainly becomes more difficult when you have to stand apart from your competitors. Outsourcing Telemarketing Services to an offshore location certainly helps enterprises to reach out to customers across the globe and easily market their products/services. Moreover, you can find out who your potential customers are and sell them the right product/service without hiring sales people.

Novem Infotech, a company that has been providing first-class call center / contact services for clients across the globe for more than 10 years. Our Telemarketing Services are recognized by some of the industry’s best, and we are on our way by creating a niche to be one of the most trusted brands in this vertical. We provide telemarketing outsourcing services that include: Lead Generation Services, Appointment Setting Services, Database Selling Services, Product Promotion Services, Up Sell and Cross Sell Services, Market Intelligence Services, and more.

Rely on Novem Infotech for end-to-end Call Center Outsourcing Services


Our wide Range of Telemarketing Services:

At Novem Infotech we have the experience and expertise of providing a wide range of Telemarketing Services for over a decade. Our Services include:

  • 01
    Telemarketing lead management
  • 02
    Lead Generation Services
  • 03
    Decision Maker Contacts
  • 04
    Appointment Setting Services
  • 05
    Debt Collection Services
  • 06
    Database Selling Services
  • 07
    Market Intelligence Services
  • 08
    Product Promotion
  • 09
    Research Surveys and Polling
  • 10
    Customer Satisfaction
  • 11
    Telephone and Web Based Business Development
  • 12
    Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns
  • 13
    Direct Mail Follow-up Services
  • 14
    Seminar Population

Why Choose Novem Infotech

Why Outsource Telemarketing Services to Novem Infotech?

  • Novem Infotech has 10+ years of experience in spearheading Telemarketing Services for businesses globally
  • Highly experienced professionals with comprehensive understanding of product, service and its positioning in the market.
  • Training and Development is in our DNA to ensure we provide services that adhere to global standards and to meet agreed call objectives
  • Deep domain telemarketing expertise helps businesses to build leads, customer databases and to unearth new customers
  • 24/7 uninterrupted service throughout the year to ensure customer retention and customer loyalty
  • We have the best of quality assurance professionals who help agents to get familiarized with the product, the accents, and business objectives to ensure success
  • Customized inbound / outbound telemarketing services to suit any business and industry vertical
  • Added benefit of secure view-in and listen-in options to provide transparency of services and to ensure quality objectives are consistently met




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