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Help Desk / Technical Support Services

Today, the customer is spoilt for choice with numerous products and services in the offering. Moreover, to sell any product/service in today’s time, it is equally important to have a robust post-purchase support or assured technical support to develop long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Many Large MNCs, SMBs, and Government Organizations many use third party tools and services for various activities and they need to be supported and at every step to ensure they use the product to its fullest. Hence, having a professional technical support / Helpdesk will make all the difference to your enterprise down the line.

Novem Infotech, a trusted Call Center Outsourcing Service Provider, has been consistently providing Technical Support / Helpdesk services for 10+ years to clients in India and worldwide. We ensure our services transform your business by providing excellent technical support services post sale.

Rely on Novem Infotech for end-to-end Call Center Outsourcing Services


Our wide range of Technical Support / Helpdesk Services:

At Novem Infotech we have the experience and expertise of providing a wide range of Technical Support / Helpdesk Services for over a decade. Our services include:

  • 01
    Customer Query Helpdesk
  • 02
    Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution
  • 03
    Trouble Ticket Management
  • 04
    Hardware / Product Support Services
  • 05
    Installation/Configuration Suppor
  • 06
    Product Registration/Activation
  • 07
    L1, L1.5 and L2 tech support services
  • 08
    Remote Diagnostic Services
  • 09
    Set-up and Configuration
  • 10
    Product Testing, Bug Fixing, and patch Management
  • 11
    Triage Support
  • 12
    Service pack and Database Upgrades
  • 13
    Warranty Management/ RMA
  • 14
    Engineer Dispatch Management
  • 15
    App Support
  • 16
    System Management
  • 17
    Account Management
  • 18
    Inventory Management

Why Outsource Technical Support / Helpdesk Services to Novem Infotech?

  • Novem Infotech has 10+ years of experience in providing unparalleled technical support / IT helpdesk services for businesses globally
  • Highly experienced professionals provide multi-channel contact center services through inbound and outbound technical / IT helpdesk services through Calls, Email Support, Live Chat, and more
  • Training and Development is in our DNA to ensure our teams develop deep understanding of products and services offered by your company and align themselves with enterprise objectives
  • 24/7 uninterrupted service throughout the year to ensure your customer is supported across timezones that results in higher customer satisfaction
  • Timely evaluations and customer satisfaction analysis to ensure bespoke service standards in the market
  • We have the best of technical support and IT helpdesk professionals to provide assistance related to technical assistance, product information, and product usage information in multiple languages and across various timezones
  • We use state-of-the-art data and voice communication systems that facilitates in efficient customer service
  • Our deep domain expertise in technical support / helpdesk services ensure complete information is furnished to the user which results in excellent customer service quality




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