7 Things to Consider Before Partnering a Call Center Outsourcing Provider

7 Things to Consider Before Partnering a Call Center Outsourcing Provider

As businesses are looking to expand their horizons, it is important to make strategic decisions that help them to weather turbulent times ahead and remain competitive in a challenging market. Today, enterprises across the globe do not deny the benefits of outsourcing and do not question as to ‘why’ and ‘how’ but ‘where’. Yes, Outsourcing Call Center / Contact Center services to an offshore location have become one of the key strategic components for organizations across the globe.

With customer satisfaction taking priority over many other things, businesses worldwide are emphasizing customer loyalty and customer retention as their main objective. As communication technologies are maturing at a faster pace, it is time to concentrate more on core competencies and outsource call center activities to a partner who has deep domain expertise and one who offers cost-effective solutions to improve your bottom line. But, how do you go about partnering the right call center service provider?

Find below the 7 things to consider before partnering a call center outsourcing provider:

  1. Relevant Industry Experience

Finding a right call center outsourcing partner can be a tedious task. By partnering an offshore call center service provider not only are you entrusting them with business critical information, but as well allowing them to engage with your customers who are key to your business. So the foremost thing to consider while outsourcing is to find whether the call center service provider has the relevant industry experience.

If your business is about producing software services specializing in medical billing, but the vendor’s call center has experience only in supply chain management software, then that would not be the best fit as you have to invest time and money in training the team. The best option would be to partner the right call center service provider who has enough experience in the same domain of yours.

  1. Proven Track-record with Excellent Feedback

It is here where your call center service provider should tick the right boxes. Not only relevant industry experience, but they should have a proven track-record of performing to clients expectations and with some excellent feedback. Do a thorough check on their quality of services offered by speaking to some of their clients who have previously worked with them or who are currently on board. This will give you a complete picture of their service delivery standards and how over the time have they improved their service offerings.

  1. The Right Size that fits your Business

Outsourcing your all-important call center services to a partner who is too small in size will drag your business down, and having a partner who is larger than required will run into unnecessary expenses and lack of attention. Hence, the size of your business is directly proportional to the size of the call center service provider. Choose a provider who is the right fit for your business.

  1. Check their Ability to Expand in the Future

Over the years we have seen many instances where your product / services grow with a global audience, but the outsourcing partner remains the same by not scaling up their service offerings. If your business is going global, then you need to have a strategic partner who can address all your inbound and outbound call center service needs in one place. While choosing a call center outsourcing provider ensure you choose a partner who can grow along with you with regards to service offerings and scalability.

  1. Proper Allocation of Dedicated Resource

Currently, there are close to 160,000 call center service providers across the globe and the number just keeps on growing. Choosing a right call center service provider is tricky nonetheless. The most important thing while zeroing in on an outsourcing vendor is to check whether they have the capability to provide dedicated resource in the form of a project manager and a skilled team that has relevant experience. More often, we see call center agents working on multiple projects where they are unable to provide their utmost attention to your customers which in turn will lead to customer dropouts and reduced customer satisfaction rates.

Always check for proper allocation of dedicated resource for your campaign. It is of paramount importance as there is someone whom you can contact and get your reports or even fine tune your services by quickly having a chat with the project manager and even resolve queries at the earliest.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Cost / Competitive Pricing is another aspect that you need to look for before partnering an outsourcing call center vendor. Everybody wants cost-effective solutions with high performance and quality of services offered. But, be careful while estimating costs and there should be a fine balance between services offered and at what cost. Get all your estimations from different vendors and then you can compare their services by either going in for a trial period or doing some test run-ins. Also keep a tab on the difference in taxes and currency if you are opting for an offshore call center service provider.

  1. Check for FCRs and Average Call Handling Time

The hallmark of a professionally run call center organization will be their FCR rates and average call handling time rates. Check for above average First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and average call handling time rates from your call center vendor. If it matches or even outshines the industry standards then you are at the right place. With the assistance of call center agents, your customers will have their issues resolved quickly and which in turn improves customer satisfaction and reduced dropouts. With higher FCR rates not only you are getting higher ROI but also customer queries resolved in a quick turnaround time.

There are many other aspects as well which come into picture while partnering a call center outsourcing provider such as security and cloud, quality assurance, investing in technology, and the kind of training programs they run to keep their agents adhere to global standards. Having a right call center service provider will help your business to grow exponentially all the while keeping your customers happy and loyal.

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